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Tip 1.

When ever your nose is clear, breathe through you're nose all the time (every breath for the rest of your life in and out through your nose).


Tip 2.

Buteyko Nose Clearing Exercise

1. Sit back, upright and relaxed on a dining room chair.

2. During this Nose Clearing Exercise keep your MOUTH CLOSED at all times even after the exercise is finished, if you open your mouth you have ruined the exercise and you'll have to start again.

3. Mouth closed !!!

4. Breathe OUT though your nose (recomended) or your mouth if you have to.

5. Now HOLD your breath by pinching your nose.

6. Gently move your head back and forward (nodding)

7. At this point your Mouth is closed, you're holding on the out breath and you're nodding your head.

8. Keep going untill you feel a slight discomfort and the need to breathe (DO NOT keep going to you go blue in the face and fall off your chair, this is not good for you)

9. At this point, let go of your nose and take a in breath in through your nose keeping your mouth closed.

10. Thats it, one bigish breath in and then breathe a bit slower and calmer for the next couple of minutes sitting very upright in your chair.

11. Repeat if necessary keeping your mouth closed at all times.

Tip 3

Try keeping your nose clear with:

The Buteyko Horse Rider Breathing Exercise

The objective of the Buteyko Horse Rider Exercise is to slow your breathing down only using your posture (you do not consciously change your breathing pattern, your posture will do that).

The Horse Rider Exercise:

1. Sit on the front corner edge of a dining room chair.
2. Sit very upright as if you had a hook on the top of your head and you were being pulled up with it.
3. Put your feet slightly underneath you, which will drop your knees a little.

4. Let your arms drop by your side and relax your shoulders

5. Breathe through your nose
6. Focus on your breathing, DO NOT CONSCIOUSLY ALTER YOUR BREATHING, let your posture slow your breathing down naturally.

Buteyko Horse Rider Exercise Program:

Do this for 3-10 minutes 6 to 9 times a day,

always breathing through your nose when you can.

Continue this program for as long as you want if it helps, next you can learn all about the Buteyko Method with the help of the >>Buteyko Breathing Exercises

Tip 4

Stop drinking cows milk and reduce your in take of dairy products until your stuffy nose is under control (may take 4 to 7 days to have any effect).


These Nose Clearing Tips are for people just with a stuffy nose, not chronic sinus problems or Nasal polyps.

Nose Breathing:

1. Don't get stressed, breathing through your nose, only breathe through you're nose until it starts to get uncomfortable then take a few breaths though you're mouth and then return to nose breathing, building up the time you're breathing through you're nose.

The Horse Rider Exercise:

1. If your back gets a bit sore with sitting in this position you can sit back in your seat, but the above will give the best benefits.
2. If your fingers get a little numb or tingly you can put them on your lap.

Buteyko Nose Clearing Exercise

Don't do an excessive number of Nose Clearing Exercises or hold your breath on to long, it may give you a headache, if it's not working try again later or the next day

Please give us feed back on how you get on with the Buteyko Horse Rider Breathing Exercise, Buteyko Nose Clearing Exercise and the other stuffy nose tips, remember that these exercises are only a very small part of the Buteyko Method

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