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Chris Bauman Buteyko Therapist

Chris Bauman

Centre for Breathing Well

is based in Victoria and Toronto. Information talks and courses are taught by Chris Bauman from coast to coast. If you live in an area of Canada where Buteyko is not being offered this year, contact her to organize a talk or course.

Chris Bauman


Chris Bauman took the Buteyko course for her own health in 1999 in London, England with Alexander Stalmatski. A year later she trained in New Zealand with Jennifer Stark, becoming the first Canadian Buteyko practitioner. After New Zealand and Japan, she taught in Australia and Canada. Currently she teaches in Canada, from Vancouver island to Cape Breton Island. In the 5 - session courses, she focuses on respiratory disease, sleep disorders, energy problems and stress. She also gives 2-hour workshops for general health and wellbeing, for athletic performance improvement, weight-loss programs and exercise-induced asthma. Free talks of various lengths, are available in formats suitable to specific social and health groups.

Chris also leads the Buteyko practitioner trainings in Canada which are held twice a year. In 2004, Chris staffed the first North American medical research trial on Buteyko at Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. She has a Masters of Teaching degree, an undergraduate background in sciences and is certified in CPR and First Aid. For more information on courses in Canada and the United States, go to www.buteykocan.com or call toll free 1.877.375.6069

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Phone: call toll free 1.877.375.6069
Mobile: 1-519-375-6069
Email: breathewell@shaw.ca
Website: www.buteykocan.com

"The perfect man breathes as though he is not breathing". Lao Tsu



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