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Patrick McKeown, Buteyko Therapist

Patrick McKeown

is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the Buteyko Breathing Clinic of Moscow. Patrick was a chronic asthmatic for most of his life. By correcting his breathing volume, he freed himself from his asthma condition. He is one of a few Western experts who is directly authorised and accredited by the Late Professor Buteyko to teach this method.
His books include Asthma Free naturally, Close Your Mouth and ABC to be Asthma free. ButeykoClinic Practitioner Training is jointly accredited by the founding Buteyko Clinic of Moscow.

Patrick is very experienced practitioner having taught the method to over four thousand patients and practitioners from many countries throughout the world.

Buteyko Practitioner Training

The ButeykoClinic was originally founded in Moscow in 1988. Buteykoclinic.com are the Western branch and offer exceptional Buteyko practitioner training to suitable candidates. New practitioners observe how patients are taught and various nuances and lifestyle changes addressed. The practitioner trainer is Patrick McKeown. Patrick is one of a few people in the western world authorised by the ButeykoClinic to teach new practitioners. Upon sucessful completion of training, practitioners are awarded a Diploma in Buteyko Method which is jointly recognised by the founding clinic. Buteyko Training takes place in London.

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